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“This is where your brand is born. Where creativity, attention to detail and experience come together.”

— It's where the magic happens. Where strategy and design become one. But only for those who understand that a brand is much more than a logo. For your brand begins with the direction you set for your business and how you want people to experience your company. Once you have this, you have the essence from which your brand can grow.

This is how I do it.

I typically work on an interim basis in collaboration with my clients’ internal (design) teams. But I also put together ad hoc teams of my own, to better address every aspect of the truly ambitious brands.

Game Plan

We put together a core team of the most important decision makers in your organisation. The smaller the team, the faster we can work. Then the first thing we do to unearth your brand’s story, is to look at its history and how it has been positioned since its creation.

We research the competition, look at your audience and find out what your employees and customers really think of you. The insights we obtain at this stage will help us to narrow our focus and determine our direction. If necessary we clarify your purpose, vision and mission. This understanding is of crucial necessity to the very first step of the design process.

Design Direction

At this point, strategy and design become one. This is where the differentiation between your brand and the competition emerges. We will create mood boards to help us identify our strategic options with respect to colour, visuals and language.

Then, you will be presented with your “new” brand and shown the implications for photography, animations, editorial and so on. It's here that our creativity, attention to detail and experience really show their benefits. It’s where the magic happens. It's also a black box, which illustrates why our clients’ trust is so important. Knowing that we have it brings out the best in us.

With most of the components of your brand in place, it’s time to translate these into the visual language and principles that will be your design system. Then we create user-friendly digital brand guides, accessible to all your employees.

Bring it out

With your brand’s identity defined and designed, it’s time to get all your employees on board. They are your brand’s ambassadors, and must therefore feel comfortable with your newly unearthed story and internalise it in order to share it with others.

Next, we reintroduce your brand to the world, translating your new brand identity via all relevant channels of communication. Starting online. For this, we surround the dedicated team with a flexible layer of some of the best branding specialists in the field of UX, content- and front-end development.

What does all this leave you with? A lot... The originality and memorability of your visual identity will allow you to set yourself apart from the competition, giving you a competitive advantage in your field. The internalisation and ownership of your brand’s story will create a stronger connection between your employees and your organisation, thereby cementing your company culture.

Ready to collab?

Have a project or an idea you’d like to collaborate on? Interested in what we can do for you?


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